We support organisations to recognise impact as a strategic asset and to build more desirable futures around it.


Through our digital platform, we support organisations in managing the impact cycle of their initiatives, from the forecasting phases, to monitoring, up to the visualisation and interactive communication of impact evidences.


Research is what we put as the starting and ending point of each of our processes. We are an accredited spin-off of the University of Milano-Bicocca and we collaborate in national and international research networks.


We support the construction of impact-oriented financial ecosystems, promoting multi-stakeholder interaction to respond to complex social challenges through a collaborative and cross-sectoral approach.

We address to


We measure environmental, social and economic impacts of value chains in order to enable integrated reporting, promote a new idea of business and foster the transition to sustainable business models.

Third Sector Organizations (TSOs)

We support the recognition and measurement of the impact generated by TSOs so as to create new and stronger relationships among Public Administrations, Citizens and Companies, based on the exploitation of the social value generated.


We support Foundations in the planning of new interventions or in the evaluation of ongoing programs to identify the strategic role of impact with respect to effective allocations of resources.

Banks and investment funds

We support banks and investment funds in the impact assessment of investments by measuring the ESG dimensions.

Public Administrations (PAs)

We support public decision makers in achieving Sustainable Development Goals and the generation of public value, by designing impact-oriented programs and policies.

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